Saturday, August 4, 2001


This is another poem that I wrote to my then future wife on her birthday. She was in Japan visiting her parents while I was stuck at home in California.

Today I sit beneath a tree, and I think of thee.
Wild flowers wave,
I must behave,
When I think of thee.

The meadow flowing to a lake, I can not wait.
The lake as glass, reflects the sky,
My mind lets my spirit fly,
As I think of thee.

A leaf breaks free, and I think of thee.
Its peaceful flight
Drifts into sight.
Then I think of thee.

Upon the wind the leaf takes, what is fate?
Slipping silently through rise and fall,
It doesn’t notice me at all,
Because I think of thee.

My legs folded under me, and I think of thee.
The leaf alights upon the lake.
Small ripples can’t bring me awake.
As I dream of thee.


Unknown said...

Where were you when you wrote this?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem!

Evan Barr said...

Noni: I was at my desk at work. It was the end of the day and I didn't want to just send you a card.

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